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The Pleasures of LIVING in a Parallel World! (Pt 2)

I may only be able to tell people that I crop a half acre but I am still pleased with and proud of my crop. 
Grandmother and Grandaughter inspect the wheat field. Someone is needed to master the technicalities of whole wheat bread making and the guy working on the seeding and harvesting is too busy to take on that task. Another illustration of the system of Life - multi facets are needed for it to work well.
Ready to harvest. But how? 
I dragged this 1940ish Allis-Chalmers mini combine out of the bush and amazingly I got it running with minimal effort. Harvest was completed in one friday afternoon. Incredible! Those harvest moments are pleasantly vivid and are easily worth a trip to Mexico (which of course didn't happen nor did the expense). And the harvest product will provide luxury eating for the next year.
The wheat chapter was included as it links to the binder used in the sausage production. And I am out to stress the multi facet nature of our Parallel World. Everyones' world is multi-faceted. Your life only makes sense if viewed as a broad system. And too many people focus on a small number of facets, and in so doing, set themselves up for a lot of unplanned and unexpected problems. And many of those problems do not have an easy solution, once the problems becomes evident.
During our meat processing marathon we put in hours of double duty with meat cutting and educational absorption. The Enders book is available in book and Kindle form as well as in audio book form. It is funny, very basic, and it fits so well with a decentralized food production outlook. The book slams you with appreciation of how complex and interconnected each conscious entity (you and me being examples) is with a wild array of facets - yow - how it it possible that we don't break down at any moment! Viruses and bacteria, mainly good and some bad, are huge in number and impact for each of us and it seems we live in a world where the medical and governmental world is not in touch with this dynamic reality. Ignorance and egotistic oversimplification means bad moves and ignorance with pushy, publicly funded power is worrisome. False news may be more widespread than believed by those ranting about others generating it!
Another 'meat packing period topic' was the issue of consumption of food that is made to sell - processed food. The article pictured is by three university types who represent archeology, cultural studies, and physiology. There is little argument that MANY health issues are linked to huge sugar consumption, and white flour.  White flour hit the scene, in volume, via Charles Pillsbury, in the late 1800s and early 1900s along with the rise of polio and of course the 1918 flu. Not good to oversimplify but these issues are not inconsequential. US presidents Wilson and Harding may both have been dropped by the 1918 flu in conjunction with underlying issues. What caused the underlying issues? I find it strange that you can be nailed for not having a bit of politically decreed fabric over your mouth and nose but the police are not being told to jump people seen swigging a sugar drink. Public money funds propaganda hammering on social distancing and lockdowns, both dramatic killers of a functional society, but the party line never encourages any measures to personally look after your highly effective natural immunity system. Your immune system helps you and it helps your neighbours. Natural immune systems have been around and performed well, if looked after, for a long time. The public health gurus and political backers are rather new on the scene!
There is reason to take an interest in health and genetic impact. You are not only looking after yourself. You are making wise moves for a string of personalities.  And acting while quite young is essential if you want to maximize your impact on your descendants.
Perhaps trivial, but Charles died suddenly, about the same time as his parents.
Not only are your descendants potentially impacted by your wise or foolish habits genetically, but the living example you set rolls through generations as well. Habits stick. Food allergies, autism, poverty related work habits, on and on; parents and grandparents have a responsibility and can make a huge impact down the line.
And the agricultural game goes on. A mulch garden teeming with earthworms.
The garden grows and the chickens wipe out grass hopper in the zone around the garden area. 
Potatoes - so easy to grow and store. And do you peel them and throw away the skin and outer layer? Slit one open and notice the layer under the skin. Great food and just like wheat - 'whole potato' is the way to go. Excuse me while I set these monsters down - my arm is getting tired.
Vine items. Also easy to grow and store.
Grapes on the south side of the house are a wonder. So many people are cheated out of such a luxury by their day job energy drain. No time or energy for the better things.
Learning how to store summer output is an art that is sadly sidetracked by boring jobs outside the home setting. But take heart - working out generates tax money so there are medicare funds to pay for a portion of the sick expenses as well as providing day jobs for all the fund administrators and medical staff!
Not too many people are up to a family milk cow but once you bite the bullet, the benefits are hard to walk away from!  Talk about a computerized factory - she does not need to be educated or coached on what to eat.
Likely extensive TV watching and time at the gym will suffer but the lady in the photo does not seem to have a weight issue. She is almost like a marijuana grower prior to legalization. We want milk that isn't pasteurized nor homogenized but it is illegal to sell such deadly liquid, thus impossible to buy. So we have to produce our own but on a somewhat inefficient small scale because we can't sell it either, to others who desperately want a source but can't swing their own cow. There is little doubt that the system has a degree of sincerity in wanting to protect all of us from viruses and from bad milk. The problem is that once certain paradigms get in place, extreme foolishness transforms into enforced rules that lack any common sense flexibility. So often too, this power-play style is devoid of capacity to observe, consider, and to admit that claimed solutions are badly faulted.
The small scale chicken world, again, takes some time and hassle but once you get into the habit, good times result.
Bum cleaning. Farm bacteria may well be a reason why I have not been affected by auto immune problems and allergy problems. When you have your nose to grass roots reality, I think most people, myself included, are amazed at the filth you can be exposed to without any negative impact. Things have got to be wildly bad for major problems to show up. And there is good reason to think that current society is so hung up on 'squeaky clean' that that extreme is killing people. Most bacteria and viruses are not only good, they are essential, and there is obviously a natural balancing act that is automatically going on. Get excited and too fanatically far off base and brace yourself for a shit kicking. 
Living like a Rooster. Indoors for a moment but this bad boy knows nothing of cages. At this moment he is on his personal perch to avoid getting beaten up by Rooster #1. Rooster #1 used to be beaten up by Rooster #2 but then, for reasons understood only by the rooster fraternity, the pecking order switched. I am not a central government communist. I simply followed the will of the fowl and rigged up a private feeding station for Rooster #2. The hens moved on. No protests with regard to management policy have been observed.
Lots of room and a huge choice of bugs and plants. The gals are greeting me as I arrive with the daily bucket of kitchen scraps. No matter how bad a day you have had and however much you feel you have been kicked around, it is always a joy to be greeted by your fans in the chicken yard. To them, you are always an altruistic hero! 
No stale eggs out of a factory operation around here. 
The workshop in use again. The seasonal cycle rolls around. The chickens have it good until one day, the hatchet drops. They know no worry, unlike human workers who dislike unemployment and no pay. I have never detected chickens planning for the future. Even squirrels are one up there as they store food for winter.
We don't have bacterial problems nor do other farming efforts where antibiotics aren't present. Because we sell nothing, food wise, we can manage our dirt and grime in order to achieve effective performance without doing inefficient song and dance routines.  That table is used for EVERYTHING - but it has a multi layer top of stainless steel sheets that we alternate, depending on what is happening.  The built in water heater is a great help when we are doing food prep jobs where the cleanliness bar needs to be raised.
How often do you see a scene like this. Where does most government spending go? Health care! In our Parallel World we have done well at not imposing on the big system. Our tax input over many years has been low and our demands on the system have, likely, been even lower. For certainty, we have not incurred any flu related dollar or time loss or suffering costs!  

Wives have been kidnapped to dollar bated 'potential-traps' that generally offer routine repetition and straight jacket environments OR pathologic stress. A short term view has trumped accurate long term wisdom. Home flexibility and variety and potential for a gal with a mind and drive has been smeared and a huge vacuum exists, a vacuum that negatively impacts all of us. Vital aspects of the LIFE system are being neglected. Generations come and go and whether there is a quality rise or drop in citizen capability, team work potential, as well as general health, the direction has a lot to do with how gals use their potential.

I am thankful that we have been able to opt out of the system as much as we have. Our recent meat processing binge (three animals) was a great chapter. The covid frenzy, linked to such a high degree with our daily activities, did us a favour by letting us calmly do our thing without interruption. Even the call centres were largely silent! 

Several weeks after our processing session, I was getting fuel in the city and noticed a counter display in the gas bar kiosk.  It struck me as a visual verse out of a Bob Dylan song - -  "It's rush hour now on the wheel and the plough, and the sun is going down upon the sacred cow".  Much of the modern world has been built on vehicles and on the mechanization of farming and food processing and food distribution and as Albert Howard predicted, the spinoff costs of aspects of the approach are threatening to smother society.  The products in the photo have been put in a high traffic location showing they are good sellers - the impulse 'food' products can be seen by anyone with any health factor sensitivity as being a step towards the need for the viral reactive products. But rather than seeing the virus as a warning light, duct tape is being offered to cover the light so that obesity, diabetes, and cancer can progress and the next virus wave can kick more compromised people over the edge of the cliff.
The photo below shows a current home flour mill and a bag of local organic wheat - both so cheap and so easy to utilize.  The flour mill is a product that has been greatly improved since I purchased my first unit when I was still in my teens, 50 years ago.  What is the likelihood that you will hear a public health authority interrupt their drum roll on hand washing, masks, social distancing, and lock downs to plug the wonderful long term advantages of such a device? What a humorous flight of fantasy to suggest such an impossible occurrence! And how pathetic to think that such a proven winner is so far from the minds of the health leaders who are on the front edge of establishment society. When a flood occurs, good leaders give at least some thought to guarding against a repeat occurrence as well as trying to deal with the current reality. And a 'one trick pony' vaccine is not a cost efficient match for the natural 'novel viral wave machine' that has been operating forever.

This flour mill can be billed as a very effective 'broad spectrum vaccination'!  I am rather old and getting flu shots never crosses my mind.  No need!  Again, life in the Parallel Universe has many wonderful perks!
Close to 30 years earlier, the little All-Crop had been used, but then it sat until 2020. It was regarded as junk until necessity meant it was given another chance to perform. Same tractor.  The people are older.  But Little Allis can still thresh!