Good Spaces
Good Food - Good Times - Good Spaces
I wish you Good Spaces in the far away places you go
if it rains or it snows,
May you be safe and warm, and never grow old.

-- G. Lightfoot
The ease with which crops can be grown with chemicals has made the correct utilization of wastes much more difficult. If a cheap substitute for humus exists why not use it? The answer is twofold. In the first place, chemicals can never be a substitute for humus because nature has ordained the soil must live and the mycorrhizal association must be an essential link in plant nutrition. In the second place, the use of such a substitute cannot be cheap because soil fertility – one of the most important assets of any country – is lost; because artificial plants, artificial animals, and artificial men are unhealthy and can only be protected from the parasites, whose duty it is to remove them, by means of poison sprays, vaccines and serums and an expensive system of patent medicines, panel doctors, hospitals, and so forth.  When the finance of crop production is considered together with that of the various social services which are needed to repair the consequences of an unsound agriculture, and when it is borne in mind that our greatest possession is a healthy, virile population, the cheapness of artificial manure will be considered as one of the greatest follies of the industrial epoch. The teachings of the agricultural economists of this period will be dismissed as superficial.” Excerpt from An Agricultural Testament by Sir Albert Howard, pages 37 & 38
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Freedom of speech lets each individual evaluate and decide rather than having 'god' run the filter that only allows the 'facts' to land on your table.
Perhaps the media system simply overloads the table with 'facts' - and garbage!