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Most detectives don’t use the essential ‘two cross hair’ tactic of carefully comparing essential preliminary theory with accurate personal observation of the reality they are living in, in order to sort out accurate theory from faulted theory. All action is based, in part at least, on theory – the issue is “Is the theory accurate?” How can you know?

This will be the fourth and final main section of the Sherlock presentation. I am working on it. It may take a while to show up. Date today is March 6, 2021.  It certainly has taken a while to show up and it isn't here yet!  But I am at least thinking about it.

Since the covid panic began it is amazing to me the damage that has occurred on so many fronts while the death count has been about what you would expect given the early cruise ship examples.  It is always a shock to compare the hyper excitement of so many news generators to the less than spectacular stats on! 

Another test site has been South Dakota, where the embattled governor refused to strong arm citizens at all.  Sweden is also interesting but there, the government has finally folded somewhat in the face of the incredible pressure of the world and internal politics - whether the moves are sincere or gestures can be debated.

The death toll in South Dakota, approaching 1/4 of 1 percent of the population, is flagged by the mob as being a travesty of responsibility on the part of the governor. Time will tell if that state will eventually stand out as a symbol of long term wisdom. SD has not wasted energy and social damage on stopping the tide.  Will the tide come in everywhere else, eventually, and will the battle casualties sacrificed trying to stop or slow the tide simply add to the disease casualties.  Will the Louis Pasteur party be supported by their disease theory and if not, will they learn a lesson or not?

It seems most vocal leaders and media types are unable to sort out difficulties caused by the actual disease from difficulties caused by the wild reaction to the disease.

2021 does look like a grim year.  Economic and political and power block instability was bad before the covid panic reaction and the added poison that has been injected into the pipeline surely will start to spew out the output end before too long. Still, the virus panic drum beats on with third wave and variant horrors and talk of having to get ready for a totally new 'pandemic' which is definitely waiting in the wings. Getting underlying causal factors attended to appears to be an area of zero concern.

The Big System has too much momentum to change.  The loaded super tanker is headed for the rocks.  Should be quite a news worthy show!  Thankfully individuals have free minds and can exercise thought independent from herd-think.  This whole soap opera is a marvellous educational event and it is a privilege to have a front row seat for the entire show, a show that promises a lot of action in a relatively short sitting.  Hopefully I can kick in my two cents and help generate a bit of positive satisfaction for the handful of people who stumble across my blather!  I will attempt to get back at it before spring rush sweeps me away from the keyboard and the one eyed connector.

Here it is May 17, 2021 and I have my final kick at the cat ready to go. Want out of the covid madness?  Not an easy short term pathway but you have a life adventure on your schedule that promises educational perks of fantastic long term value.  Invest in this stock option and down the road you will marvel at how you cashed in on a mega sleeper!
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